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Summer schools - During your stay

Make the most of your stay in Brussels and at ULB! The city's manageable size and its cultural and economic energy create an outstanding living environment.

Campus life

The Solbosch, La Plaine and Flagey sites are near the city centre and easily accessible by public transport. The Erasme campus is located in Anderlecht, on the outskirts of Brussels, in a pleasant environment accessible by metro. ULB is also spread over a number of other locations in Brussels and Wallonia.

There are several cafes and restaurants on the Solbosch, Plaine and Erasme campuses offering a wide variety of food at democratic prices. Please note that specific opening hours apply during summer. There are also restaurants, cafes and supermarkets near the three main campuses. 

Cultural events are hosted on ULB’s main campuses (exhibitions, plays, concerts, films, etc.) and the ULB museum network includes over 10 University museums and collections, spread out over Brussels and Wallonia. Please be aware that special opening hours apply in summer.

Green spaces
ULB campuses are conveniently located near parks and green areas. You can enjoy a nice walk or picnic after an intensive day of learning. 

You will find specialised libraries on the different ULB campuses. Please note that specific opening schedules apply during summer. 

Medical center
Medical services offering consultations in general and specialised medicine can be found on the Solbosch and Erasme campuses. 


Emergencies on campus are dealt with by ULB's internal Protection and Safety Unit. On the Solbosch and Plaine campuses, you can contact them from any ULB fixed line by forming the “7”. On the Erasme campus, you can form the “22”, also from a fixed line. If calling from a cell phone, dial 0032 (0)2 650 26 14.

The European Emergency Number is 112. 

Getting around

By foot
Brussels is a very walkable city and strolling around is the best way to enjoy its architecture, parks and famous comic walls.

By public transport
Stib runs a dense network of metro, tram and bus lines with a unified ticketing system. Find more information on journeys and fares on stib.be.

By bike
Brussels has a self-service bike sharing scheme called Villo!. You can rent a bike for a day, a week or longer. Find more information on villo.be
Should you come with your own bike, you will find on each campus many bicycle parking facilities (secure parking, covered areas or inverted U racks).

Taxis are easy to find in Brussels, there are taxi stands by all of the main avenues or squares in the city, so you will always be able to find one if needed. 

Summer in Brussels 

A very lively city, Brussels boasts many cultural activities in summer: you can enjoy the many concerts, theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, and shows of all kinds, as well as beautiful museums and monuments, such as the world-famous Grand Place or the many Art Nouveau buildings. Get ready to experience surrealism, check the latest trends in contemporary art or dive into the world of Belgian comic strip. Find more information on visit.brussels.

European Capital
Brussels is among the world's most diverse capitals, home to the headquarters of the European Union, NATO, and countless international companies and organisations. A short-stay in Brussels is the perfect opportunity to experience the city's European and multicultural vibe. 

Food and drink
Try out delicious specialties while in Belgium. Beer (bière), fries (frites), mussels (moules), meatballs (boulettes), beef stew (carbonnade), chocolate (chocolat), waffles (gaufres), etc. There are options for every taste!

Belgium has three official languages, Dutch, French and German. Brussels has two official languages, Dutch and French, and is mostly French-speaking. Brussels in an international city and English is also widely spoken.

Opening hours
Most shops are open from 9:30am/10am to 6:30pm/7pm. Supermarkets are usually open until 8pm and 9pm on Fridays. Most shops are closed on Sundays. Convenience stores are open 24/24.

Parks and gardens
Looking for some green space where to relax after an intensive day of learning? Brussels is one of Europe's greenest cities, offering many parks and surrounded by forests.

Brussels is rolling out free wifi hotspots all over the city where large numbers of people gather, in metro and train stations, on public squares, along main roads, etc. Find more information on wifi.brussels.

Belgium & Europe 

Brussels is ideally located at the center of Belgium. It is more than easy to hop on a train and spend a day in Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Namur, Liège or at the seaside. Find more information on belgium.be and belgianrail.be

Brussels is also located at the heart of Western Europe. Major European cities like Paris (1h20), Amsterdam (2h) London (1h45) or Cologne (2h) are just a few hours away by train.

Updated on March 30, 2023